CommUNITY Newsletter January 2015

Here is the January 2015 Newsletter for CommUNITY.

January 2015 Newsletter

CommUNITY in WashPA is a forum for the greater Washington Community. It’s roots are with a group of concerned citizens and civic leaders who gathered to organize the first March Against Violence in the fall of 2012. This group continues to plan events in order to promote a more peaceful and unified Washington.

Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 am in the Student Gov’t Chambers on W&J’s Campus, and are open to anyone.

Regular contributors to the group include representatives from: W&J, the DA’s Office for Crime Victims, Domestic Violence Services of SWPA, SPHS, STTARRS program, Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Highland Ridge CDC, Washington Church Minesterium, Northwood Realty, West End Neighborhood Watch, and the Mayor and Chief of Police of the City of Washington and the Superintendent of Washington Schools.