Freedom Transit Open House – February 13th, 2007

Freedom Transit Open House will provide interested members of the community with information about the proposed changes, and to receive public feedback on the proposed changes.

Here is a summary of the proposed changes.  Click here to see event listing details.

Commuter Metro Route

  • Make use of I-79: Beau Street to Meadowlands (Monday – Saturday)
    • Eliminate Route 19, Racetrack Road to Pike Street
  • Travel through Meadowlands along Pike St.
  • Minor Changes to designated outbound stops in Downtown Pittsburgh
    • Adding stop at Liberty Avenue & 10th Streets
    • Changing location of Gateway Center stop to 3 Gateway Ctr. @ Liberty Ave.
  • Continue to service Tanger Outlets and The Meadows on Saturdays
  • Minor Time Adjustments on Saturdays to reflect current running times

Local Hopper Route

Create two distinct routes:

  1. North-South (Hospital, Park, Residential)
    1. Starts earlier and runs frequently to allow more connections for work and shopping
    2. Provides service to Washington High School
    3. Washington County Courthouse & offices have more direct service as the route travels along Main Street
  2. East-West (All Shopping Centers)
    1. Redirection of Old Mill route along Field & Stream and Hobby Lobby
    2. More frequent service to Trich Drive
  • Consistent Times & Headway
  • Increase age limit to 11 years old for children to ride free
  • Rename from “Hopper” to “Local Line A” & “Local Line B”

Freedom Line Route

  • Service to Muse
    • Eliminate service along portion of Rt 980 from Rt 50 to Muse-Bishop Rd
  • Service to Meadowlands, Arden, Washington Estates, Henderson and Jefferson Avenues
    • Eliminate service along Rt. 19 to Strabane Square and Trinity Point with Transfers to Local routes available at Transit Center
    • Service will continue to be provided to Tanger Outlets & The Meadows
  • Create two zone fares: $1.50 and $2.50 – Boundary Line at Racetrack Road
  • Increase age limit to 11 years old for children to ride free
  • Rename “County Line”

Complementary ADA Paratransit Fare Changes

  • Two Zone ADA Fare for area served by “County” route
    • $3.00 – “Local” Service
    • $5.00 – “County” Service
      • Boundary Line at Racetrack Road
  • Last ADA Fare change in 2007 when it was reduced
  • Paratransit service more costly to provide