Licenses, Permits & Fees

Most Commonly Requested
Licenses, Permits,Fees and Applications

For a complete list or more information contact 724-223-4200.  Click Here to view our Permit & Fee Schedule.

Building Permits
Click Here to view Building Permit
Click Here to view Maintenance Permit
Sign Permits
5% of the total cost of sign including installation
Click Here to view Sign Permit
Fence Permits
$10.00 for erection over $100.00 value
Click Here to view Fence Permit
Municipal Lien Requests
Click Here to view Municipal Lien Request
Tax Receipts
$25.00 fee for 3 years
Dye Tests
$225.00 fee on sale of property
(not required on a refinance)
Click Here to view Dye Test Application
Mercantile License – Annual Fee
$25.00 for Retail/Broker
$50.00 for Wholesale for each place of business in the city
$68.00 for Retail and Wholesale
Click Here to view Mercantile License
Business Privilege License
One Time Fee of $100.00
Click Here to view the Business Privilege License
Amusement Licenses – Annual Fee
Jukebox – $100.00 each
Mechanical/Electronic Amusement Device – $300.00 each
Click Here to view Amusement License
Transient Merchant License
$75.00 per month or $400.00 per year
Click Here to view Transient Merchant Permit
Duplicate Tax Bill
$10.00 fee
Abandoned/Vacant Property 
Fee $200.00
Arborist License
Demolition Permit
$30.00 fee up to $10,000.00 of assessed valuation plus $5.00 per additional $1,000.00
Click Here to view Demolition Permit
Zoning & Hearing Fees
Fee schedules for inspections, applications, special hearing requests to cover administrative expenses are posted in the zoning office. Contact the Code Enforcement OfficerClick Here to view Zoning ApplicationCost at $0.75 cents per $1,000.00 (Minimum $10.00)Click Here to view City Planning Commission Application
Items Available for Purchase @ City Hall:
Zoning Ordinance – $20.00
Zoning Map           – $25.00
Both                      – $35.00
Street Map/Index  –   $1.00
Handicapped Parking Application
Click Here to view Handicapped Parking Application
Job Application
Click Here to view Job Application
Occupancy Permit-UPDATE

The City of Washington, Pennsylvania has changed the name of the Certificate of Occupancy that is required by city ordinance upon the sale of a home/property. RESIDENT CHANGE REGISTRATION is the name of the new form. The fee for this ordinance remains at $50.00 and checks are to be made payable to the City of Washington. A permit will no longer be issued upon payment of this ordinance.  Enclosed is the new form for your office to use to make additional copies as needed.  
                         Click Here to view:

Occupancy Permit/Residential Change Application. 


 Plan Review Checklist                            Click Here to view Plan Review Checklist


Construction Dumpster Permit

 Click Here to View  Construction Dumpster Permit