Multi Municipal Recreation Comprehensive Plan

Here is the Multi Municipal Recreation Comprehensive Plan for the City of Washington PA for the improvement of our parks, playgrounds and facilities.


Appendix A

AppendixA_cover AppendixA1_SCMtgSummaries AppendixA2_KeyPersonSummary AppendixA3_PublicMtgSummary AppendixA4_Recreation Survey Results

Appendix B

AppendixB_cover AppendixB1_Washington Community Park Facilities & Recommendations AppendixB1_WashingtonPark AppendixB2_7th WARD PLAYGROUND AppendixB2_7thWard AppendixB3_8th Ward Playground AppendixB4_Park & Dewey Playground AppendixB5_Ramage Field AppendixB6_East Washington Borough Community Park

Appendix C

AppendixC_cover AppendixC1_Potential Indoor Programs AppendixC1_Potential Outdoor Programs AppendixC3_PotentialPartnerships AppendixC2_SAMPLE PROGRAM EVALUATION FORM

Appendix D

AppendixD_cover AppendixD1_CityFlowChart AppendixD2_2012 pavilion information AppendixD5_Agreements AppendixD4_BoroughPavilionrental AppendixD3_alcohol policy and one day request form AppendixD2_2012 picnic reservation policy AppendixD2_2012 picnic rules and policies AppendixD6_ADA Compliance Info

Appendix E

AppendixE_cover AppendixE_MaintenanceForms

Appendix F

AppendixF_cover AppendixF1_PNDI 7th Ward Playground signed AppendixF5_Washington Park Existing Conditions Photos 1 10-22-12 AppendixF4_7th Ward Playground Cost AppendixF3_7th Ward Playground Existing Conditions Photos AppendixF2_CRGIS Washington Park Pony Field AppendixF1_PNDI Washington Park signed

Appendix G

AppendixG_cover AppendixG1_Program Revenue Projections – Indoor AppendixG1_Program Revenue Projections – Outdoor AppendixG2_Funding Sources 1_Concept A Estimate 2_Concept B Estimates 3_Concept C Estimate 4_Filtration Estimate

Appendix H

AppendixH_cover Final Concept Estimate_Filtration_6 Final Concept Estimate_Prioritized_1 Life Safety Final Concept Estimate_Prioritized_2 Code Compliance Final Concept Estimate_Prioritized_3 Programming Final Concept Estimate_Prioritized_4 Aesthetics Final Concept Estimate_Prioritized_5 Misc