CommUNITY Newsletter January 2015

Here is the January 2015 Newsletter for CommUNITY. January 2015 Newsletter CommUNITY in WashPA is a forum for the greater Washington Community. It’s roots are with a group of concerned citizens and civic leaders who gathered to organize the first March Against Violence in the fall of 2012. This group continues to plan events in order to promote a more peaceful and unified Washington. Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 am in the Student Gov’t Chambers on W&J’s Campus, and are open to anyone. Regular contributors to the group include representatives from: W&J, the DA’s Office for Crime Victims, Domestic Violence Services of SWPA, SPHS, STTARRS program, Washington Drug & Alcohol Commission, Highland Ridge CDC, Washington Church ... More Information

New Parklette in City of Washington

The Wash Arts will transform a vacant lot behind the George Washington Hotel in a Parklette.  The project was enabled through a grant from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.  Check out the details from Mike Jones, staff writer, at the Observer Reporter. Vacant Lot transformed into a Parklette.   ... More Information

Wash Arts receives grant from Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation

The Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center, known as Wash Arts, has just received a grant in the amount of $175,000 to partner with the Office of the Mayor of Washington, PA for an initiative to restore and beautify public spaces throughout the city.  The project will include the development of a Parklete in downtown Washington that is slated for completion in July 2015.  It will include metal sculptures, public seating, and other enhancements for our residents, families, friends and colleagues. Read More of the Details in the Wash Arts Grant Press Release     ... More Information

New Police Dog for the City of Washington

The City of Washington, PA has it's first police dog since 1997.  Check out the article from Mike Jones of the Observer Reporter.  The City is excited for Officer Michael Karlowsky and his new partner, Golem. Here is link to full article, photos and video: City of Washington Police Dog       ... More Information

Washington City Transit

Are you familiar with the Washington City Transit?  Convenient routes are available to the mall, parks, metro area and hospital. Here is an public service announcement created by the American Public Transportation Association.  Check it out and go to the Washington City Transit site for more information.   ... More Information

Public Meeting – April 30, 2014

A public meeting will be held on Wednesday April 30, 2014 at 7pm before the City of Washington Planning Commission at City Hall (located at 55 W. Maiden St, Washington, PA 15301). The meeting will address an application questioning the validity of the City of Washington's zoning ordinance submitted by Jon Perry, d/b/a PA Wealth Builders, LLC.  The applicant is the owner of property located at 130 N. Franklin St. Washington, PA., which he is seeking to develop as a boarding house and is seeking site-specific relief.  The applicant is requesting that the city revise its zoning ordinance in three respects:  (1) that it include a definition of "multi-family dwelling" (2) that it include a definition for "boarding house" and (3) that a boarding house be permitted as a conditional use in the ... More Information

Mayor asks Washington County Commissioners for help

Mayor Brenda Davis asked the Washington County Commissioners for help to revitalize the City of Washington PA because of the empty storefronts and vacant buildings in the city.  Tax revenue is needed from these properties to increase city revenue.  More details can be found in this article from Barbara Miller from the Observer Reporter. ... More Information

Tourism Grant

The City of Washington voted to apply for a $200,000 Tourism Grant to construct an open air pavilion for the Main Street Farmers Market.  Check our more details in this article provided by Scott Beveridge in the Observer Reporter. ... More Information